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My Spa Journey - Muscle Reviver

January 20, 2014

The muscle reviver is a condensed massage for those who suffer with tension related headaches and neck strain.

After the indulgent festive party season that we know as Christmas I must say I returned to work not totally refreshed but in good need of a relaxing spa treatment. This week I choose the ESPA Muscle Reviver Massage as I had alot of tension around the neck and shoulder area. The muscle reviver is a condensed massage for those who suffer with tension related headaches and neck strain. If you have little time to spare, this deeply soothing back, face and stress releasing scalp massage is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles. You'll feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or relaxed and calm.

Once I had changed into my fluffy robe my therapist for the treatment, Grainne, collected me from the relaxation room to begin the treatment. Grainne took the time to explain the treatment and discussed what I would like to achieve from the treatment before offering me a sensory test on aromatherapy oils to use. The objective of this treatment is that the body will choose the oils it needs. Just as I expected my body was in urgent need of a good detox as I selected the detoxifying oil straight away. Detoxifying body oil is a beautifully uplifting detox body oil that formulated to boost the circulatory system, helps diminish cellulite and nourish the skin. Purifying cypress and juniper berry renowned to stimulate the lymphatic system, help sweep away toxins. Grapefruit lifts the spirits, while sweet almond oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin. ESPA body oils are a natural formulation and are also ideal for body massage, intensifying the therapeutic effect of the essential oils as well as relaxing the body and easing the mind.

The treatment began with a deep back massage and very quickly Grainne found two large and stubborn knots in my shoulder area so she took the time to work into this area and release them. The treatment then moved up into the neck area which is always my favorite part of a treatment as I work on a computer all week and suffer from a certain amount of neck strain. Grainne had mentioned at the start of this treatment that the massage should be called the computer buster as it has tremendous results for anyone working on computers. Grainne then applied the wonderful ESPA pink hair and scalp mud treatment for the scalp massage which almost made me drift off to sleep. This mud treatment uses mineral rich red clays. This unique conditioning treatment mud mask leaves hair soft and smooth. Vitamin C-rich watercress and apricot kernel oil soothes and nourishes your scalp, while the red clay stimulates circulation to help boost growth and strengthen and promote healthy, glossy manageable hair.

While this was only a 40 minute treatment I felt very satisfied with my massage as it covers a lot of the most important areas that we carry around stress and strain in and I felt lighter and freer when leaving the room. I would recommend that you do not do too much after this treatment as the detoxifying body oil continues to work for the next 48 hours and I certainly felt wacked for the evening but wow what a great sleep I had, the oils were certainly still working throughout the night. I was also extremely thirsty all evening and the next day which I imagine is an effect from the detoxifying oil.

The Spa at Castlemartyr Resort offer the ESPA Muscle Reviver 40 minute Massage for only €70.00 and as a new supporter of this wonderful treatment I would suggest you try if for yourself and reap the benefits that would certainly be for everyone.

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