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My Spa Journey - ESPA Body Exfoliation & Wrap

November 12, 2013

So it is that time of year again when we are preparing to get into that wonderful cocktail dress sitting in the wardrobe and reminding you that it is time for a detox......

So it is that time of year again when we are preparing to get into that wonderful cocktail dress that is sitting in the wardrobe and reminding you that it is time for a detox and to get your fitness regime in place for the party season around the corner. Therefore as part of my spa journey through our extensive spa brochure at The Spa at Castlemartyr Resort, one of Cork's most luxurious spas, I have decided that this week I will put the ESPA Body Exfoliation and wrap to the test.

Our range of body scrubs are designed to invigorate and exfoliate whilst our body wraps pamper and nourish the skin. Together, they are designed to slim and tone your body, hydrate or firm your skin, or relax and soothe tired muscles. Perfect if you are seeking to kick start a weight loss routine. Our Espa professionals will prepare an individual wrap to meet your specific needs. My goal for this treatment was to detox and energise the body so Angela, my therapist choose to use energising body oil and an algae wrap. The energising body oil is a revitalising, zesty moisturising body oil for soft, supple skin. Energising by nature, this potent blend with hydrating sweet almond oil will help invigorate sluggish bodies and focuses weary minds. Revitalising peppermint and eucalyptus will swiftly energise and awaken. Rosemary helps enliven the mind, while sweet almond oil deeply nourishes for softer, supple skin.

First of all, Angela began with the skin brushing to stimulate the flow of circulation and remove all of my dead skin. This was suprisingly relaxing and I choose to purchase the ESPA Skin Brush to use again at home from the reception desk once my treatment was finished. Then a skin polish is applied to the skin before being removed with warm mitts. Secondly, the marine algae wrap was applied all over my body  before being wrapped so the heat can allow the pores to open and the algae to work deeper into the skin. The algae wrap stimulates, detoxifies, firms and tones, eliminating toxins whilst also hydrating the skin and helping reduce cellulite, fluid retention and bloating. Marine mud wrap is also offered to guests depending on their specific needs. Using marine mud rich in trace minerals, this is a therapeutic treatment ideal for aches, pains and superficial skin problems.

While the wrap is allowed to work this treatment also features a deep scalp massage to help ease tension. Our policy here at The Spa at Castlemartyr Resort is that a therapist will be working on the guest at all times during the treatment so while the wrap is working through the skin I received a deep scalp massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage while the heat from the blanket beneath warmed my body. Finally, I steeped into the shower to wash off the marine algae before the ESPA Smooth and Firm Body Butter was applied all over my body.

Feelings of sluggishness and weariness can signal the need for a body detox and the ESPA Body Exfoliation & Wrap tone and firm skin, stimulates circulation, target areas prone to cellulite and drain the lymphatic system to help eliminate toxins from the body. This stimulating treatment clears and revitalises the mind while improving the appearance of the skin. Clients have been known to loose up to an inch after receiving this treatment and we would reccommend a course of six treatments to see significant results. It is regularly used by guests before their big day or an occassion. When booking a course of body exfoliation and wrap treatments we offer guests one free treatment with every five booked.

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